Welcome to ProPhotoGuide!

Hi! I’m Josh Liba, Founder of ProPhotoGuide and ProcrastinateNow! (I haven’t gotten around to making any content for that site though.)

About ten years ago, I started getting serious about photography.

Before cellphones became the camera of choice for most people, I owned many point-and-shoot cameras, which I always kept on Auto mode.  I knew I didn’t like flash in most circumstances, so I learned to turn it off if needed – and that was basically the extent of my camera knowledge.

I was happy with the results… most of the time.  When my photos didn’t come out as I would have liked, I would just take it again, hoping the camera would somehow decide to magically make it better!

The Japan Effect

Then, my cousin (also a photographer) invited me to a trip to Japan.  To me, it was the trip of a lifetime!  I knew I had to bring back better, more artistic pictures.

So, in my quest for better pictures, I purchased a Canon G10, which was sort of an “enthusiast” point-and-shoot camera.  All I knew was that it cost more, weighed more, and had more buttons and megapixels than any of my previous cameras!  Therefore, I concluded it had to be good!

My new camera could also shoot in this mysterious new format called “RAW” and it had an equally puzzling feature called “Manual Mode”.  I decided to start learning how to actually use the thing: Experimenting, reading books, and of course, watching endless Youtube videos.

After my Japan trip, I was hooked.  My foray into photography as an art form led me deeper down the rabbit hole of gear, lenses and software, and I ended up purchasing and selling five more cameras in the two years after that trip.  I arrived in the wonderful (and horrendously expensive) world of DSLRs.

Going “Pro”

In 2010, I was asked by a co-worker if I would shoot his wedding.  I agreed, bought a second camera, shot it for free, and the pictures came out… not bad!  This led to handful of other wedding referrals.

Until then, I had never thought of actually making any money with photography.  It was always just for me.  But I love working with people, and it seemed like a nice way to afford new gear!  So, I launched my wedding and portrait business that same year.

And Here We Are!

Fast-forward to today, hundreds of weddings later:

My wife Vanessa and I run Josh & Vane Photography together, shooting and traveling, even internationally!

It’s been an adventure building this craft from a curious hobby to a full-time profession, and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned over nearly a decade, here on ProPhotoGuide.

So, whether you’re looking to take your personal photography to the next level, or make a living from doing something you love, I hope you find something useful here to help you along on your own photography journey!

– Josh

PS: I’m a real person, just like you and I love getting reader mail and questions.  Feel free to leave me a message! Have fun!